5309.72 Proceedings by adverse claimant.

Any person asserting any interest, claim, or lien, not shown upon the register, in or against registered land adverse to the title of any registered owner, when no provision is made by sections 5309.02 to 5310.21, inclusive, of the Revised Code, for registering such interest, claim, or lien in the county recorder's office, may make affidavit thereto, setting forth his interest, right, title, claim, lien, charge, or demand, and how and under whom derived, and the character and nature thereof. The affiant shall state his full name, place of residence, and post-office address and shall designate a place within the state at which all notices relating thereto may be served upon him. If the affiant is a nonresident of the state, such affiant shall state the name, residence, and post-office address of some person residing within the state upon whom service may be made as his agent, and by which service he will be bound the same as if such service is made upon him within the state. When such affidavit is filed in the recorder's office, the recorder shall enter forthwith a memorial thereof, upon the registered certificate of title, stating the exact time when said affidavit was filed and the purport and nature thereof.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .