5309.78 Application for continuation and certification of duplicate certificate of title.

The holder of a duplicate certificate of title may at any time present such duplicate certificate to the county recorder and request him to continue such duplicate certificate to date and enter thereon all memorials and notations on the registered certificate of title, not appearing on such duplicate certificate, and also enter references to all instruments filed and noted, but not yet entered as memorials on the registered certificate of title. Thereupon the recorder shall make and certify such entries giving the minute, hour, day, and year of such certification. At the time of making application for such continuation and certification of a duplicate certificate of title, the registered owner may file with the recorder an affidavit that said application is made in good faith for the purpose of closing up a bona fide transfer or encumbrance of the land or some part thereof described in such duplicate certificate, naming the proposed transferee or encumbrancer, and thereupon the recorder shall note upon the registered certificate and also upon the duplicate certificate of title a stay of registration for the period of twenty-four hours of all instruments and papers affecting said land other than those relating to, or connected with such proposed transfer or encumbrance. All such other instruments and papers so filed within said twenty-four hours shall be registered after and subordinate to such instruments relating to, or connected with such proposed transfer or encumbrance provided the latter are filed within said twenty-four hours.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .