5309.79 References required in instruments transferring title or creating or discharging liens.

Every voluntary instrument intended to be used in transferring any title or estate in registered land, or in creating any lien or charge thereon, or assigning, releasing, or discharging any lien or charge, in whole or in part, and every certificate or other paper filed with the county recorder for the purpose of acquiring or creating an involuntary lien, interest, or charge upon registered land, shall at least refer by number to the certificate of title covering such land or containing a memorial of such interest, lien, or charge. Such reference shall be contained in the body of all voluntary instruments, and in the case of such certificate or papers so filed to acquire involuntary interests, liens, or charges, such reference shall be either in the body of such certificate or papers or indorsed thereon and the indorsement shall be signed by the proper officer or a person in interest. Each of such instruments referred to in the preceding sentence shall also have the words "REGISTERED LAND" conspicuously typed or printed in capital letters on the reverse side of the last page of the instrument, which page is also known as the caption page or the backing of the instrument. If only a part of the land covered by such certificate of title is sought to be affected, an accurate description of such part enabling it to be definitely located and platted shall be given in such voluntary instrument, or in or upon such certificate or paper so filed, in addition to such reference to the certificate of title by number.

Effective Date: 06-19-1974 .