5310.07 Right of action by registered owners for loss or damage by fraud, mistake, or error.

A person who, without negligence on the person's part, sustains loss or damage or is deprived of land or of any interest in land, after the original registration of land, by the registration of another person as owner of the land or of any interest in the land, through fraud, or in consequence of any error, omission, mistake, or misdescription in any certificate of title or in any entry or memorandum in the register of titles, may bring an action in the court of common pleas of the county in which the land is situated against the treasurer of state for the recovery of compensation for that loss or damage, or for that land or interest in land, from the assurance fund. If the person who is deprived of land or of any interest in land in the manner stated in this section has a right of action or another remedy for the recovery of the land or the interest in land, the person shall exhaust that remedy before resorting to the action of contract provided in this section. This section does not deprive the plaintiff of any action in tort that the plaintiff may have against any person for the loss or damage or the deprivation of any land or of any interest in land.

Effective Date: 10-29-2003 .