5310.43 Pending cases involving application for registration effect after abolition.

No case involving an application for the registration of land that is pending on the date of implementation, including, but not limited to, cases arising under section 5309.05, 5309.29, 5309.45, 5309.46, 5309.60, or 5309.66 of the Revised Code, is affected by the abolition of land registration in the county. The case shall proceed, in the same manner, and with the same effects, as if land registration had not been abolished, to the entry of either a decree requiring registration or a decree dismissing the application for registration. A party aggrieved by the decree in such a case may appeal as provided in section 5309.84 of the Revised Code.

A certificate of title issued pursuant to a decree requiring registration relates back to and takes effect from the date of the decree, as provided in section 5309.26 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 02-28-1991 .