5310.48 Duplicate certificate of title.

On and after the date of implementation, with regard to registered land in a county that has abolished land registration:

(A) A duplicate certificate of title has no use other than as a copy of the certificate that is transcribed or bound in the register of titles;

(B) No person shall present, and the county recorder shall not accept, the duplicate as the instrument of any conveyance or encumbrance of the land to which it pertains.

The holder of a duplicate certificate of title that pertains to land in a county that has abolished land registration may present the duplicate to the county recorder with a request for its continuation. Upon receiving such a presentation and request, the recorder shall continue the certificate by entering thereon all notations that appear on the registered title but not on the duplicate, as well as notations of all conveyances or encumbrances occurring before the date of implementation, the instruments for which, as of the date of implementation, had been filed for notation, but as of receipt of the request for continuation, have not been noted on the registered title.

The recorder shall issue a replacement duplicate certificate of title, as provided in section 5309.31 of the Revised Code, for any certificate of title that is recorded in the traditional recordation system under section 5310.50 or 5310.51 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 02-28-1991 .