5310.53 Portion lying partly in nonabolishing county.

If, as the result of a proceeding contemplated by section 5310.43 of the Revised Code, a decree is entered requiring registration of a parcel of land that lies partly in two or more counties, the portion lying in each county shall be registered as provided in section 5309.25 and division (A) of section 5310.51 of the Revised Code, except that the portion lying in the nonabolishing county is subject to the following on and after its initial registration:

(A) The portion shall be dealt with, and instruments for its conveyance or encumbrance recorded, as provided in sections 317.14 and 5310.45 of the Revised Code;

(B) The certificate of title pertaining to the portion has the effect stated in section 5310.46 of the Revised Code;

(C) Any person who has a cause of action with regard to the portion as contemplated by section 5310.47 of the Revised Code may commence and prosecute an action as provided in that section;

(D) Section 5310.48 of the Revised Code applies to any duplicate certificate of title that pertains to the portion;

(E) The court of common pleas and probate court of the nonabolishing county have jurisdiction with regard to the portion only as provided in section 5310.49 of the Revised Code;

(F) Subject to section 5310.54 of the Revised Code, the county recorder of the nonabolishing county shall proceed to deregister the portion in the manner prescribed in section 5310.51 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 02-28-1991 .