5501.14 Division of state into districts - district deputy directors.

The director of transportation shall divide the state into not exceeding twelve districts and give to each district an appropriate number or name. Each district shall manage all activities within the area of the district, including transportation planning, intermodal coordination, design, operation, and maintenance of highways and bridges, and any associated administrative activities.

The director may appoint and assign to each district a district deputy director. Each district deputy shall serve during the pleasure of and perform such duties as are prescribed by the director. Each district deputy shall exercise professional judgment in the administration of all district activities and shall be accountable for all district duties. Policy, procedures, and operational plans of a district deputy shall follow the overall goals and objectives of the department of transportation.

The director may establish, equip, and staff an office in each district for the use of the district deputy, and the director may acquire suitable space for such office by purchase or lease or by the purchase of a site and the erection of a building thereon.

Effective Date: 09-17-1996 .