5501.25 Bond of employees.

Each employee or appointee under Chapters 5501., 5503., 5511., 5512. , 5513., 5515., 5516., 5517., 5519., 5521., 5523., 5525., 5527., 5528., 5529., 5531., 5533., and 5535. of the Revised Code in cases other than where the amount of the bond is fixed, may be required to give bond in such sum as the director of transportation may determine. All bonds shall be conditioned upon the faithful discharge of the duties of their respective positions and such bonds, except the bond of the director which shall be approved as to sureties by the governor, shall be approved as to the sufficiency of the sureties by the director, and as to legality and form by the attorney general, and shall be deposited with the secretary of state. The premium on such bonds shall be paid out of appropriate funds of the department of transportation. Bonds authorized or required by this section may, in the discretion of the director, be individual, schedule, or blanket bonds.

Effective Date: 09-28-1973 .