5501.46 Conveying land to department of transportation by other state agencies and political subdivisions.

Notwithstanding section 9.70 and Chapters 123., 339., 501., 511., 721., 723., 747., 749., 759., 903., 3301., 3313., 3337., 3339., 3341., 3343., 3349., and 3375. of the Revised Code, the various departments of state, institutions, commissions, subdivisions, and districts of the state, and other public agencies, without competitive bidding, may grant, convey, or transfer real property to the department of transportation in fee simple or in any such lesser estate as it determines and for such consideration as is mutually agreed upon, provided that any such transactions under authority of this section with a valuation of forty thousand dollars or more shall first be approved by the state controlling board. Any title to such property or lands taken shall be taken in the name of the state.

Effective Date: 07-22-1994 .