5502.28 Cooperation with governor and executive director.

(A) In carrying out sections 5502.21 to 5502.51 of the Revised Code, the governor shall utilize the services, equipment, supplies, and facilities of existing agencies of the state and of political subdivisions to the maximum extent practicable, and the officers and personnel of all such agencies shall cooperate with and extend such services, equipment, supplies, and facilities to the governor and to the executive director of the emergency management agency upon request.

(B) Every agency for emergency management established pursuant to sections 5502.21 to 5502.51 of the Revised Code and every political subdivision that has established a program for emergency management under section 5502.271 of the Revised Code, and the officers thereof, shall execute and enforce any emergency management orders and rules issued or adopted by the director of public safety.

(C) The national incident management system (NIMS) is hereby adopted as the standard procedure for incident management in this state. All departments, agencies, and political subdivisions within the state shall utilize the system for incident management.

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Effective Date: 09-29-1999; 04-14-2006 .