5505.20 Restoration of membership.

Should a member of the state highway patrol retirement system cease to be an employee of the state highway patrol, for any reason, except his retirement or death, he shall thereupon cease to be a member of the retirement system and he shall forfeit his total service credit at that time. Should he return to the employ of the state highway patrol, he shall again become a member. When said re-employment occurs the total service credit last forfeited by him shall be restored to his credit, provided he pays into the employees' savings fund the amount, if any, he withdrew therefrom, together with such compound interest as the board may require from the date of withdrawal to the date of repayment. The member may choose to purchase only part of such credit in any one payment, subject to board rules. The return of accumulated contributions shall be made according to such rules as the board shall from time to time adopt.

Effective Date: 07-13-1977 .