5513.03 Delegation of authority to purchase.

The director of transportation may authorize district deputy directors of transportation to purchase materials, small tools, repair parts for machinery and equipment, and supplies at their respective offices. Before conferring such authority upon deputies, the director shall adopt a regulation prescribing the authority to the deputies in this respect, the conditions under which and the manner in which such purchases may be made by deputies, and the notice that deputies shall give to prospective bidders. No deputy shall make any purchase except in conformity with the regulation. The notice that the deputies shall give to prospective bidders shall be at least the equal as to character and time of that required to be given by the director. Copies of all notices that deputies may be required to post shall be mailed to the director via regular first class mail not later than the first day on which such notices are required to be posted by the deputies, and upon receipt by the director such copies shall be posted on the bulletin board in the director's offices.

Effective Date: 09-17-1996 .