5515.05 Grant of franchise to street or interurban railways.

No franchise or grant to any street, interurban, or other railway shall be granted by the director of transportation, board of county commissioners, or by the council of any municipal corporation, unless such franchise or grant provides that the company shall, when required by the proper authorities in charge of such road or street, make such changes in its grade and method of construction as are necessary to conform to any improvement made on such street or road. The type of construction used by the company shall be approved in the first instance:

(A) By the director, if such road is under jurisdiction of the state;

(B) By the engineer of a municipal corporation if such improvement is within the bounds of such municipal corporation;

(C) By the county engineer in the case of other roads, and shall also be approved by the proper authorities having jurisdiction over such street or road.

Effective Date: 09-28-1973 .