5516.11 Regulation of advertising devices through zoning rules and regulations.

This chapter does not affect the authority of a state, county, municipal, or other local zoning authority to zone areas for commercial or industrial purposes under its respective zoning laws. Whenever a state, county, municipal, or other local zoning authority has adopted comprehensive zoning and established rules and regulations controlling the size, lighting, and spacing of outdoor advertising devices, that are equivalent to and consistent with the intent of this chapter, such rules and regulations will be accepted in lieu of the controls provided in division (D) of section 5516.02 and in section 5516.061 of the Revised Code in the commercial and industrial zones within the geographical jurisdiction of such authority.

Whenever a zoning authority establishes new comprehensive zoning rules or regulations, a copy thereof shall be furnished to the director of transportation within thirty days after its passage.

Chapter 5516: of the Revised Code shall not be construed to allow the erection of an advertising device in an area zoned by state, county, municipal, or other local authorities to exclude such devices.

Effective Date: 06-30-1997 .