5526.03 Notice of intent to enter into contract for professional services.

The director of transportation shall issue public notice of the intent of the department of transportation to enter into a contract for professional services. The director shall advertise the public notice via the internet or by other means to ensure that qualified firms are notified and given the opportunity to be considered for the award of the contract. The director may include more than one contract in a single public notice. The director may limit the number of contracts to which a firm may respond for the purpose of ensuring quality in the performance of those contracts.

A public notice issued under this section shall be issued in a uniform and consistent manner, shall be issued sufficiently in advance of the time that responses must be received, and shall do both of the following:

(A) Include a general description of the project, a statement of the specific professional services required, and a description of the qualifications required for the project;

(B) Describe the procedures by which firms may submit statements of qualifications in order to be considered for a contract.

Effective Date: 06-29-2001 .