5529.01 Lands vacated or abandoned available as roadside parks.

When the director of transportation, in the construction, maintenance, or repair of a road on the state highway system outside the limits of municipal corporations, relocates the road or relocates or constructs a bridge, culvert, underpass, overpass, or other structure or improvement, the highway or portion thereof from which it is proposed to divert the travel shall not thereby be deemed to be vacated or abandoned, nor shall the title or easement of the state therein be vacated or abandoned, but shall remain in effect until the road or portion thereof is vacated or otherwise disposed of. Such highway portion not vacated or abandoned shall be available to the director for use as roadside parks, for the benefit of the traveling public, or such other use as may be incident to the construction, maintenance, and repair of the system.

Effective Date: 09-17-1996 .