5531.11 [Effective Until 9/11/2014] Toll projects - definitions.

As used in sections 5531.11 to 5531.18 of the Revised Code:

"Cost" means all costs of constructing, improving, repairing, maintaining, administering, and operating the Ohio transportation system, including all costs payable with respect to permanent improvements as described in division (B) of section 133.15 of the Revised Code.

"Governmental agency" means any state agency, federal agency, political subdivision, or other local, interstate, or regional governmental agency, and any combination of those agencies.

"Highway project" means any project intended for the highway purpose of supporting the state highway system. A highway project, whether publicly or privately owned, is a state infrastructure project as defined in section 5531.10 of the Revised Code for all purposes of that section and section 5531.09 of the Revised Code and also is a transportation facility as defined in section 5501.01 of the Revised Code.

"State highway system" or "system" means all existing and future transportation projects constructed, operated, repaired, maintained, administered, and operated under the jurisdiction of the department of transportation, including toll projects and highway projects.

"Public roads" means all public highways, roads, and streets in the state, whether maintained by a state agency or any other governmental agency.

"Public utility facilities" means tracks, pipes, mains, conduits, cables, wires, towers, poles, and other equipment and appliances of any public utility.

"Revenues" means all nontax revenues coming into the possession of or under the control of the department by virtue of sections 5531.11 to 5531.18 of the Revised Code. "Revenues" does not include proceeds from the sale of obligations but does include tolls, service revenues, investment income on the Ohio toll fund established in section 5531.14 of the Revised Code, rentals, gifts, and grants.

"Service facilities" means service stations, restaurants, and other facilities for food service, roadside parks and rest areas, parking, camping, tenting, rest, and sleeping facilities, hotels or motels, and all similar and other facilities providing services to the traveling public in connection with the use of a toll project and owned, leased, licensed, or operated by the department of transportation.

"Service revenues" means those revenues of the department derived from its ownership, leasing, licensing, or operation of service facilities.

"Toll project" means any project that adds new capacity, including construction on existing highways, bridges, or tunnels where construction increases the total number of lanes, including toll and nontoll lanes, and does not decrease the total number of nontoll lanes at each mile. "Toll project" also includes new interchanges constructed for economic development purposes connecting an interstate highway or a multi-lane, fully controlled-access highway that was not connected previously with other interstates, state highways and local roads, and any new high occupancy lane or new highways connecting an intermodal facility established, constructed, reconstructed, maintained, repaired, administered, operated, or improved, under the jurisdiction of the department of transportation and pursuant to sections 5531.11 to 5531.18 of the Revised Code, at a location or locations determined by the director of transportation, including all bridges, tunnels, overpasses, underpasses, interchanges, entrance plazas, approaches, those portions of connecting public roads that serve interchanges and are determined by the director to be necessary for the safe merging of traffic between the toll project and those nontolled public roads, toll booths, service facilities, and administration, storage, and other buildings, property, and facilities that the department considers necessary for the operation or policing of the toll project, together with all property and rights that may be acquired by the department for the construction, maintenance, repair, administration, improvement, or operation of the toll project, and includes any sections or extensions of a toll project designated by the department as such for the particular purpose. Nothing in this section shall be construed to permit tolls to be charged on existing nontoll highways.

"Tolls" means tolls, special fees or permit fees, or other charges by the department to the owners, lessors, lessees, operators of motor vehicles, or other users of a toll project for the operation or use of or the right to operate on a toll project.

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History. Added by 128th General Assemblych.165, HB 2, §101.01, eff. 7/1/2009.

Note: This section is set out twice. See also § 5531.11 , as amended by 130th General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 533, §1, eff. 9/11/2014.