5533.471 Elder High School Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway.

(A) That portion of state route number two hundred sixty-four located within the city of Cincinnati and also known as Glenway avenue, commencing at the intersection of that route and Gilsey avenue and extending in an easterly direction to the intersection of that route with Beech avenue, shall be known as the "Elder High School Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway."

(B) The director of transportation may erect suitable markers along the highway indicating its name.

(C) Subject to approval by the director in relation to the marker size, color, format, and method of placement, elder high school may erect auxiliary markers in conjunction with the markers erected by the director under division (B) of this section, bearing one of the following names:

(1) "Navy Commander Leonard Frederick Vogt, Jr.";

(2) "Air Force Captain Albert Francis Sayer, Jr.";

(3) "Marine Corps Sergeant Thomas Patrick Kindt";

(4) "Army Specialist Five Robert James Oates";

(5) "Army Corporal Donald Lawrence Schnee";

(6) "Marine Corps Corporal David Raymond Caruso";

(7) "Army Private First Class Michael Lee Faulkner";

(8) "Marine Corps Private First Class Michael Francis Huwel";

(9) "Army Private First Class Paul Patrick Davis";

(10) "Marine Corps Corporal William Francis Reiter";

(11) "Marine Corps Lance Corporal Michael Robert Witt."

Elder high school may alternate the approved auxiliary markers on a periodic basis.

Added by 130th General Assembly File No. TBD, SB 245, §1, eff. 9/4/2014.