5543.16 Construction and repair of approaches and driveways - cost.

The owners of land shall construct and keep in repair all approaches or driveways from the public roads, under the direction of the county engineer. If in the construction, improvement, maintenance, and repair of any road, the approach or driveway of an abutting property owner is destroyed, the authorities constructing, improving, maintaining, or repairing such road shall compensate the property owner for the destruction of his approach or driveway, or in lieu thereof authorize the engineer to reconstruct it at public expense.

In the construction of a road improvement the director of transportation or engineer may, in all cases where the approaches of the owners of abutting real estate are unsuitable to a projected improvement or so constructed as not to afford proper drainage after its completion, include in the plans for such improvement plans for proper approaches. The entire cost of constructing such approaches may be assessed against the lands along which they are constructed.

Effective Date: 09-28-1973 .