5547.01 Undermining or crossing public roads.

Any person, partnership, or corporation owning land or an interest therein in fee or otherwise, containing coal, clay, or stone, and over any portion of which passes a state, county, or township road or public highway, with the consent of the board of county commissioners if state or county roads, or with the consent of the board of township trustees if township roads, may excavate, mine, and quarry through or under such road.

Before the work is commenced such person, partnership, or corporation shall execute and deliver to the board of county commissioners a bond, with good and sufficient surety, in amount sufficient to cover all damages that may accrue to be approved by the board of county commissioners, conditioned, that while crossing over, mining, or quarrying under such road, a safe and unobstructed passageway shall be kept open by the individual, partnership, or corporation for public use, and as soon as practicable such road shall be fully restored to its original safe and passable condition.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .