5552.10 Administering regulations for management of access.

The board of county commissioners shall designate the county engineer to administer county access management regulations, except that if the engineer declines to administer the regulations, the board may designate another person, or a planning commission, to administer them. If a board of township trustees adopts access management regulations, the board may administer the regulations or may appoint the township fiscal officer or any other person to administer them, with the advice of the county engineer.

If the access management regulations apply to a subdivision and a permit request is filed pertaining to the subdivision, the county engineer, board of township trustees, planning commission, or other person administering the regulations shall approve or disapprove the permit request within the time period for approval of a subdivision without a plat specified in section 711.131 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 10-24-2002; 12-20-2005 .