5555.13 Order after determination.

After the determination of claims for compensation for lands taken, if the board of county commissioners is still satisfied that the public convenience and welfare require that such improvement be made, and that the cost of such improvement will not be excessive in view of the public utility thereof, the board shall order by resolution that it proceed with such improvement. The board shall adopt the surveys, plans, profiles, cross sections, estimates, and specifications for such improvement, together with the assessments against property benefited by such improvement, as reported by the county engineer, or with any modifications made by the board or court, and shall order an assessment upon lands benefited by said improvement in accordance with such report of estimated assessments, or in accordance with any modification thereof made by the board or by the court on appeal.

If, in view of the amount of compensation and damages allowed by the court, the board is of the opinion that said improvement should not be made, the board shall so order.

Effective Date: 01-01-1966 .