5555.97 County road districts.

The board of county commissioners of a county in which there is located municipal corporations or a part thereof, may, by resolution, create that portion of the county not included within the corporate limits of such municipal corporations into a road district, whenever in its opinion it is expedient and necessary and for the public convenience and welfare, for the purpose of constructing, reconstructing, resurfacing, or improving, the public roads within such district. The district so created shall be given an appropriate name by which it shall be designated.

After such district has been created, the board shall have all powers and duties which it has under sections 5555.02 to 5555.96, inclusive, and 5559.02 to 5559.16, inclusive, and 5591.02 to 5591.41, inclusive, of the Revised Code, and it shall proceed in like manner in the constructing, reconstructing, resurfacing, improving, maintaining, repairing, and dragging of county roads, or parts thereof, in such cases as provided for the board in county road construction.

Effective Date: 09-24-1963 .