5571.10 Landscape and beautification projects.

As part of improving or maintaining any road, upon petition or otherwise, the board of township trustees may provide for landscape and beautification projects along the road. Such projects may include planting trees or other plants and installing and maintaining decorative pathways, walls, signage, fencing, banners, fountains, and other similar features.

In providing for the projects, the board shall proceed in accordance with Chapter 5575. of the Revised Code.

The cost of the projects may be paid by any of the methods provided in section 5573.07 of the Revised Code, as determined by the board by resolution. If the board finds that the projects will result in general as well as special benefits, the portion of the cost that is found to represent the value of the general benefit may be paid from the general fund of the township treasury.

Effective Date: 10-08-2001 .