5591.06 Appropriation of property - approaches - damages - vacation of highways.

The board of county commissioners may in the making of a contract for the construction, use, and maintenance of a joint bridge, provide for approaches to such bridge for general highway traffic, over or from any other public highway adjacent to such joint bridge, and may acquire lands or property for such bridge and approaches by dedication, purchase, or appropriation in the manner provided for the dedication, purchase, or appropriation of private property for public use, and may pay the cost of construction, maintenance, and use of the bridge or of the establishment, change of location, widening, altering, narrowing, straightening, or vacation of a part or all of any public highway made necessary on account of the construction, use, and maintenance of such bridge, or to enjoy a more complete use of the same, and any damage resulting therefrom to persons or property, together with the cost of constructing said highway at its established, dedicated, changed, altered, or widened location, together with any other cost or expense necessary or incident to the carrying out of the terms of the contract.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .