5591.07 Resolution to modify or alter bridge - exhibits.

In the event it is necessary in the construction, use, or maintenance of a joint bridge to establish, alter, narrow, change the grade, or vacate a part or all of any public highway, the board of county commissioners of a county may, by resolution, declare such necessity and its intention to make such highway modifications or alterations, and provide in the resolution the manner in which the alterations or changes are to be made, the approximate cost so far as the county is concerned, the land or other property it is necessary to appropriate, how the cost of such alterations or changes is to be apportioned between the county and railroad or union depot company, and by whom the work of construction is to be done.

Prior to the passage of the resolution declaring such necessity there shall be filed with the board exhibits showing the location, elevation, and width of any highway to be established, altered, narrowed, vacated in whole or part, or grade thereof as changed, and a general plan of the joint bridge showing that portion to be used for general highway traffic, the supports, and any approaches to the bridge, together with such other information as may be required under the contract.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .