5703.50 Taxpayer rights definitions.

As used in sections 5703.50 to 5703.53 of the Revised Code:

(A) "Tax" includes only those taxes imposed on tangible personal property listed in accordance with Chapter 5711. of the Revised Code , taxes imposed under Chapters 5733., 5736., 5739., 5741., 5747., and 5751. of the Revised Code, and the tax administered under sections 718.80 to 718.95 of the Revised Code.

(B) "Taxpayer" means a person subject to or potentially subject to a tax including an employer required to deduct and withhold any amount under section 5747.06 of the Revised Code.

(C) "Audit" means the examination of a taxpayer or the inspection of the books, records, memoranda, or accounts of a taxpayer for the purpose of determining liability for a tax.

(D) "Assessment" means a notice of underpayment or nonpayment of a tax issued pursuant to section 718.90, 5711.26, 5711.32, 5733.11, 5736.09, 5739.13, 5741.11, 5741.13, 5747.13, or 5751.09 of the Revised Code.

(E) "County auditor" means the auditor of the county in which the tangible personal property subject to a tax is located.

Amended by 132nd General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 49, §101.01, eff. 9/29/2017, applicable for taxable years beginning on our after 1/1/2018.

Amended by 130th General Assembly File No. 25, HB 59, §101.01, eff. 9/29/2013.

Effective Date: 01-01-1990; 06-30-2005

Related Legislative Provision: See 132nd General Assembly File No. TBD, HB 49, §803.100.