5713.02 Duties of assessor.

An assessor, from the maps and descriptions furnished him by the county auditor and other sources of information, shall make a correct and pertinent description of each tract and lot of real property in his district. When he deems it necessary to obtain an accurate description of any separate tract or lot in his district, he may require the owner or occupier thereof to furnish such description, with any title papers he has in his possession. If such owner or occupier, upon demand, neglects or refuses to so furnish a satisfactory description of such parcel of real property, the assessor may employ a competent surveyor to make a description of the boundaries and location thereof, and a statement of the quantity of land therein. The expense of such survey shall be returned by such assessor to the county auditor, who shall add it to the tax assessed upon such real property, and it shall be collected by the county treasurer with such tax, and when collected, shall be paid, on demand, to the person to whom it is due.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .