5713.09 Tax maps of subdivisions.

The board of county commissioners may designate the county engineer to provide for making, correcting, and keeping up to date a complete set of tax maps of the county, and shall employ the necessary number of assistants. Such maps shall show all original lots and parcels of land, and all divisions, subdivisions, and allotments thereof, with the name of the owner of each original lot or parcel and of each division, subdivision, or lot, all new divisions, subdivisions, or allotments made in the county, all transfers of property, showing the lot or parcel of land transferred, the name of the grantee, and the date of the transfer so that such maps shall furnish the county auditor, for entering on the tax duplicate, a correct and proper description of each lot or parcel of land offered for transfer. Such maps shall be for the use of the county board of revision and the auditor, and shall be kept in the office of the auditor.

Effective Date: 10-02-1969 .