5713.13 Plat and record of tracts of indefinite description.

When an original survey, section, tract, or lot has become divided into such small parcels or fractions so that the description of the several parts thereof is indefinite and doubtful, the county auditor when appraising any such survey, section, tract, or lot, or part thereof, shall cause the said section, or such parts thereof as are necessary, to be accurately platted and laid out into such subdivisions as the different titles to the land therein require, and number the said fractions or subdivisions as fractions or subdivisions of said section, tract, or lot, or part thereof, or the part that is subdivided, and deliver the plat so numbered to the county recorder, who shall accurately record it. After such record has been made, the numbers given to said subdivisions or fractions shall be a sufficient description of land so platted, numbered, and recorded for all purposes of taxation and conveyancing.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .