5713.26 Failure to conform to rules - posting of notice.

Any owner of forest land taxed in accordance with section 5713.23 of the Revised Code who in the opinion of the chief of the division of forestry has not exercised reasonable care in the protection and maintenance of the forest or who has violated the rules of the chief as to the care and management of such lands shall receive notice in writing of such violation from the chief. The owner shall be granted, upon his written application for the same, six months in which to correct said violations, and failure to correct the violations within this period voids his declaration filed with the chief in accordance with such section, and the county auditor shall be notified to tax those lands at the full rate thereafter.

Owners of forest land taxed in accordance with such section shall post in prominent locations on the borders of each parcel of said forest and maintain in legible condition at least two metal signs similar to those obtainable from the chief stating the rules applying to said forest.

Effective Date: 09-01-1976 .