5719.11 Tax lien on deposits and stock of a financial institution - penalty.

Taxes assessed on deposits in a financial institution shall be a lien on the deposit of each person as of the day fixed by the tax commissioner for the listing of such deposits. Taxes assessed on the shares of stock of an institution whose shares are withdrawable and defined as deposits in sections 5725.01 to 5725.26 of the Revised Code, shall be a lien on such shares as of the day fixed. Every financial institution shall pay to the treasurer of state the taxes on the amount of such deposits and withdrawable shares assessed in its name and any such institution which fails to pay such taxes as provided in this section shall be liable, as a penalty, for the gross amount of the taxes due on its deposits and withdrawable shares assessed in its name, and for an additional amount of one hundred dollars for every day of delay in the payment of such taxes.

Effective Date: 09-27-1983 .