5721.20 Unclaimed moneys remaining to owner.

Except in cases where the property is transferred without sale to a municipal corporation, township, county, community development organization, or county land reutilization corporation pursuant to the alternative redemption period procedures contained in section 323.78 of the Revised Code, any residue of moneys from the sale or foreclosure of lands remaining to the owner on the order of distribution, and unclaimed by such owner within sixty days from its receipt, shall be paid into the county treasury and shall be charged separately to the county treasurer by the county auditor, in the name of the supposed owner. The treasurer shall retain such excess in the treasury for the proper owner of such lands upon which the foreclosure was had, and upon demand by such owner, within three years from the date of receipt, shall pay such excess to the owner. If the owner does not demand payment of the excess within three years, then the excess shall be forfeited to the delinquent tax and assessment collection fund created under section 323.261 of the Revised Code, or in counties that have established a county land reutilization corporation fund under section 323.263 of the Revised Code, to the county land reutilization corporation fund.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953; 2008 SB353 04-07-2009 .