5725.03 Return of deposits by financial institutions.

The deposits required to be returned by financial institutions pursuant to sections 5725.01 to 5725.26, inclusive, of the Revised Code, include all deposits as defined by section 5701.05 of the Revised Code to the extent that such deposits are made taxable by section 5709.02 of the Revised Code, except:

(A) Deposits belonging to the federal government or any instrumentality thereof;

(B) Deposits to the extent of advances or advance payments made under any contract entered into by the federal government or any instrumentality thereof for the production of materials or supplies, or the furnishing of services pursuant to authority of any act to further the war effort;

(C) Deposits belonging to the state or any county, municipal corporation, school district, township, or other subdivision thereof, or to any other financial institution, dealer in intangibles, domestic insurance company, or institution used exclusively for charitable purposes, or proceeds of loans which have been credited to the borrower but not disbursed, or advances by borrowers for the subsequent payment of specific obligations. If any deposit of any class required to be returned consists in whole or in part of an amount representing uncollected checks and other uncollected items credited thereto, one half of the amount so represented shall be considered as withdrawable and shall be included in arriving at the aggregate balance of taxable deposits required to be returned, whether or not the depositor is in fact permitted to make withdrawals against the amount so represented and credited.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .