5727.10 Assessment - hearing - correction.

Annually, the tax commissioner shall determine, in accordance with section 5727.11 of the Revised Code, the true value in money of all taxable property, except property of a railroad company, required by section 5727.06 of the Revised Code to be assessed by the commissioner. The commissioner also shall determine the total taxable value of such property based on the percentages of true value at which the property is required to be assessed by section 5727.111 of the Revised Code.

The commissioner shall be guided by the information contained in the report filed by the public utility and such other evidence and rules as will enable the commissioner to make these determinations.

Before issuing the preliminary assessment under section 5727.23 of the Revised Code, the commissioner shall notify each public utility of the proposed total taxable value of its taxable property, including any proposed penalty. After receiving such notice, a public utility may, upon written application, within the time prescribed by the commissioner, appear before the commissioner and be heard in the matter of the proposal. The commissioner may, on the application of a public utility, or on the commissioner's own motion, correct the proposal.

Effective Date: 07-22-1994; 06-30-2005 .