5727.24 Tax on gross receipts of natural gas company or combined electric and gas company.

For the purpose of providing revenue to meet the needs of the state, on and after May 1, 2000, an excise tax is hereby levied on the gross receipts of a natural gas company and on the gross receipts of a combined company from operating as a natural gas company. The tax shall be computed by multiplying the taxable gross receipts as determined under section 5727.33 of the Revised Code by four and three-fourths per cent. A combined company shall be subject to this tax on any gross receipts derived from operating as a natural gas company, as determined under division (D) of section 5727.03 of the Revised Code, and, if applicable, shall be subject to the tax imposed by section 5727.30 of the Revised Code for all other gross receipts.

Effective Date: 06-15-2000 .