5733.16 Organization of domestic and foreign corporations.

For the purposes of sections 5727.24 to 5727.62 of the Revised Code and this chapter, domestic corporations are deemed organized upon the filing of articles of incorporation in the office of the secretary of state, and foreign corporations are deemed admitted to do business in this state when the statement for admission has been filed with the secretary of state or a certificate of compliance with the laws of this state has been obtained from the secretary of state. Each domestic corporation shall be required to file its first report and pay the tax in and for the calendar year immediately succeeding the date of its organization, and each foreign corporation shall similarly report and pay in and for the calendar year immediately succeeding its admission. Failure on the part of any foreign corporation for profit and any foreign corporation not for profit referred to in section 5733.01 of the Revised Code to proceed according to law to obtain from the secretary of state proper authority to do business or to own or use property in this state shall not excuse such corporation from liability to make proper excise or franchise tax report or return or pay a proper excise or franchise tax or penalty, if such liability would have attached had such proper authority been obtained.

Effective Date: 09-29-1999 .