5733.27 Affidavit denying unlawful political contributions.

Every corporation required by law to make returns, statements, or reports to the tax commissioner shall file therewith, in such form as the commissioner prescribes, an affidavit subscribed and sworn to by a person or officer having knowledge of the facts setting forth that such corporation has not, during the preceding year, except as permitted by sections 3517.082, 3599.03, and 3599.031 of the Revised Code, directly or indirectly paid, used or offered, consented, or agreed to pay or use any of its money or property for or in aid of or opposition to a political party, a candidate for election or nomination to public office, or a political action committee, legislative campaign fund, or organization that supports or opposes any such candidate or in any manner used any of its money or property for any partisan political purpose whatever, or for the reimbursement or indemnification of any person for money or property so used. Such forms of affidavit as the commissioner prescribes shall be attached to or made a part of the return, statement, or report required to be made by such corporation.

Effective Date: 08-23-1995 .