5735.28 Funds for maintaining state highways within municipal corporations.

Wherever a municipal corporation is on the line of the state highway system as designated by the director of transportation as an extension or continuance of the state highway system, seven and one-half per cent of the amount paid to any municipal corporation pursuant to sections 4501.04, 5735.23, and 5735.27 of the Revised Code shall be used by it only to construct, reconstruct, repave, widen, maintain, and repair such highways, to purchase, erect, and maintain traffic lights and signals, and to erect and maintain street and traffic signs and markers on such highways, or to pay principal, interest, and charges on bonds and other obligations issued pursuant to Chapter 133. of the Revised Code or incurred pursuant to section 5531.09 of the Revised Code for such purposes.

Effective Date: 09-28-1973; 03-29-2005 .