5739.35 Delegation of investigative powers.

For purposes of enforcing this chapter, the tax commissioner, in accordance with section 5743.45 of the Revised Code, may delegate any investigation powers of the commissioner to any employee of the department of taxation who has been certified by the Ohio peace officer training commission and who is engaged in the enforcement of this chapter. Upon such a delegation in accordance with that section, the provisions of that section relative to the powers and authority of the employee and the suspension or revocation of the delegation apply. No employee of the department shall divulge any information acquired as a result of any investigation pursuant to this chapter, except as may be required by the commissioner or a court.

The department shall cooperate with the attorney general, local law enforcement officials, and the appropriate agencies of the federal government and other states in the investigation and prosecution of violations of this chapter.

Effective Date: 12-02-1996 .