5747.051 Tax credit for property used in refining or manufacturing.

A credit shall be allowed against the tax imposed by section 5747.02 of the Revised Code for each taxable year. The credit shall equal the difference between:

(A) The tangible personal property taxes timely paid in the taxable year that were charged against engines, machinery, tools, and implements owned by the taxpayer, listed for taxation in this state under section 5711.16 of the Revised Code as used or designed to be used in refining or manufacturing, and acquired on or after January 1, 1978; minus

(B) The taxes that would have been charged against such property and paid during such year had it been listed and assessed for taxation at a percentage of its true value for the year it was required to be listed, determined as follows:

(1) For 1984 through 1988, twenty per cent;

(2) For 1989, twenty-one per cent;

(3) For 1990, twenty-two per cent;

(4) For 1991, twenty-three per cent;

(5) For 1992, twenty-four per cent;

(6) For 1993 and thereafter, twenty-five per cent.

The tax commissioner may require a taxpayer to furnish any information necessary to support a claim for credit under this section, and no credit shall be allowed unless such information is provided. The credit shall be claimed in the order required under section 5747.98 of the Revised Code.

No credit shall be allowed against any taxes paid on property previously required to be listed for taxation in this state by a person other than the taxpayer.

If the sum of the credits to which the taxpayer is entitled under this section in any taxable year is greater than the tax due for such year after allowing for any other credit that precedes the credit under this section in the order required under section 5747.98 of the Revised Code, such excess shall be allowed as a credit in each of the ensuing three taxable years that the taxpayer owns the property, but the amount of any excess credit allowed in any such year shall be deducted from the balance carried forward to the ensuing taxable year.

Effective Date: 07-22-1994