5749.04 Issuing license or permit.

No severer shall sever or sell a natural resource in this state without first having obtained a license or permit therefor.

Unless the severer has obtained a license or permit from another department of this state, the license or permit shall be issued by the tax commissioner upon receipt of a completed application on a form which he shall prescribe. The license or permit shall become effective on the date the application is accepted by the commissioner, who shall notify the applicant in writing of the acceptance, and shall remain in effect until such time as the commissioner revokes the license or permit. The commissioner may revoke the license or permit if he finds that the applicant has failed to fully and truthfully complete the application or has failed to pay the tax required by Chapter 5749. of the Revised Code.

The fee charged for the license or permit shall be fifty dollars. The remittance for such fee shall accompany the application and shall be made payable to the treasurer of state for deposit in the general revenue fund.

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Effective Date: 12-20-1971 .