5801.07 Connection with designated jurisdiction - transfer.

(A) Without precluding other means for establishing a sufficient connection with the designated jurisdiction, the terms of a trust designating the principal place of administration of the trust are valid and controlling if a trustee's principal place of business is located in or a trustee is a resident of the designated jurisdiction or if all or part of the administration occurs in the designated jurisdiction.

(B) A trustee is under a continuing duty to administer the trust at a place appropriate to its purposes, its administration, and the interests of the beneficiaries.

(C) Without precluding the right of the court to order, approve, or disapprove a transfer, the trustee, in furtherance of the duty prescribed by division (B) of this section, may transfer the trust's principal place of administration to another state or to a jurisdiction outside of the United States.

(D) The trustee shall notify the current beneficiaries of a proposed transfer of a trust's principal place of administration not less than sixty days before initiating the transfer. The notice of a proposed transfer shall include all of the following:

(1) The name of the jurisdiction to which the principal place of administration is to be transferred;

(2) The address and telephone number at the new location at which the trustee can be contacted;

(3) An explanation of the reasons for the proposed transfer;

(4) The date on which the trustee expects the proposed transfer to occur.

(E) In connection with a transfer of the trust's principal place of administration, the trustee may transfer some or all of the trust property to a successor trustee designated in the terms of the trust or appointed pursuant to section 5807.04 of the Revised Code.

Effective Date: 01-01-2007 .