5815.32 Revocation of power of attorney upon termination of marriage or entering separation agreement.

If a principal executes a power of attorney designating the principal's spouse as the attorney in fact for the principal and if after executing the power of attorney, the principal and the principal's spouse are divorced, obtain a dissolution or annulment of their marriage, or enter into a separation agreement pursuant to which they intend to fully and finally settle each spouse's prospective property rights in the property of the other, the designation in the power of attorney of the spouse or former spouse of the principal to act as attorney in fact for the principal is revoked, unless the power of attorney provides otherwise. The subsequent remarriage of the principal to the principal's former spouse, or the termination of a separation agreement between the principal and the principal's spouse, does not revive a power of attorney that is revoked under this section.

Effective Date: 01-01-2007 .