5905.01 Veterans' guardianship law definitions.

As used in sections 5905.01 to 5905.19, inclusive, of the Revised Code:

(A) "Person" means an individual, a partnership, a corporation, or an association.

(B) "Veterans' administration" means the veterans' administration, its predecessors, or successors.

(C) "Income" means moneys received from the veterans' administration and revenue or profit from any property wholly or partially acquired therewith.

(D) "Estate" means income on hand and assets acquired partially or wholly with "income."

(E) "Benefits" means all moneys paid or payable by the United States through the veterans' administration.

(F) "Administrator" means the administrator of veterans' affairs of the United States or his successor.

(G) "Ward" means a beneficiary of the veterans' administration.

(H) "Guardian" means any fiduciary for the person or estate of a ward.

Effective Date: 10-01-1953 .