5906.01 Definitions.

As used in this chapter:

(A) "Active duty" means full-time duty in the active military service of the United States or active duty pursuant to an executive order of the president of the United States, an act of the congress of the United States, or a proclamation of the governor. "Active duty" does not include active duty for training, initial active duty for training, or the period of time for which a person is absent from a position of employment for the purpose of an examination to determine the fitness of the person to perform any duty unless such period is contemporaneous with an active duty period.

(B) "Benefits" means the employment benefits, other than salary or wages, that an employer regularly provides or makes available to employees, including, but not limited to, medical insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, pension plans, and retirement plans.

(C) "Employer" means a person who employs fifty or more employees and includes the state or any agency or instrumentality of the state, and any municipal corporation, county, township, school district, or other political subdivision of the state.

(D) "Employee" has the same meaning as in section 4113.51 of the Revised Code.

(E) "Uniformed services" means the armed forces, the Ohio organized militia when engaged in full-time national guard duty, the commissioned corps of the public health service, and any other category of persons designated by the president of the United States in time of war or emergency.

Added by 128th General AssemblyFile No.29, HB 48, §1, eff. 7/2/2010. .