5919.35 Applicability of drug laws.

(A) The stockage, accountability, issuance, and dispensing of any drug, as defined in section 4729.02 of the Revised Code, that is issued to any unit or member of the Ohio national guard is governed exclusively by regulations or other directives prescribed by the United States army or air force and the national guard bureau. Ohio national guard units and personnel are not subject to Chapter 4729. or 3715. of the Revised Code or other statutes or regulations in conflict with military regulations or other directives when acting in furtherance of their official duties.

(B) This section applies despite the order of Ohio national guard units or personnel to state active duty under section 5923.22 of the Revised Code or the fact that accountable officers or employees of the Ohio national guard are employed in a civilian status.

Effective Date: 09-18-1997 .