5921.01 Ohio naval militia.

The governor shall organize and maintain within this state on a cadre or reserve basis naval forces capable of being expanded and trained to defend this state whenever the Ohio national guard, or a part thereof, is employed so as to leave this state without adequate defense, and whenever necessary to assist and maintain the public peace in case of a disaster or emergency as determined by the governor. Such forces shall not be used in disturbances that are civil in nature, including but not limited to riots and strikes. Such forces shall be known as the Ohio naval militia. Such forces shall be a part of the organized militia of this state. The Ohio naval militia shall consist of not more than three ship companies as provided in sections 5921.02 to 5921.16 of the Revised Code. In case of an emergency proclaimed by the president or the congress of the United States, or caused by enemy action or imminent danger thereof, the governor, as commander in chief, shall expand such forces as the exigency of the occasion requires.

Effective Date: 01-11-1977 .