5924.137 Articles to be explained.

Sections 5924.02, 5924.03, 5924.07 to 5924.15, inclusive, 5924.25, 5924.27, 5924.31, 5924.37, 5924.38, 5924.55, 5924.77 to 5924.134, inclusive, and 5924.137 to 5924.139, inclusive, of the Revised Code, and of this code shall be carefully explained to every enlisted member at the time of his enlistment or transfer or induction into, or at the time of his order to duty in or with any of the forces of the organized militia, or within thirty days thereafter. They shall also be explained annually to each unit of the organized militia. A complete text of this code and of the regulations prescribed by the governor thereunder shall be made available to any member of the organized militia, upon his request, for his personal examination.

Effective Date: 09-10-1963 .